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Another great sponsor to reveal today is the Swedish based server hosting company called SwedishHost.se. SwedishHost.se. are providing the best teams and organisations in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers of the best quality. True as it comes - SwedishHost.se has agreed on a minor sponsorship deal with Sweden Gothenburg Hawks to help us reach our goal to become one of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams out there. Today - Sweden Gothenburg Hawks and SwedishHost.se are sealing a powerfull sponsorship deal together!

SwedishHost.se are one of Swedens strongest gaming server provides and are very deep into the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive servers and other sort of serversn. Being one of the best, SwedishHost.se gives all the customersthe best possible server for their paid money and fantastic costumer support. Although gaming servers of the best quality is not the only ones they offer to the costumer base. SwedishHost.se also offers high speed voice over IP chat servers such as Ventrilo, TeamSpeak 3 and also Mumble and much, much more. SwedishHost.se is considered to be the best valued servers out in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in the Swedish scene and community.

A small announcement has been made and this is what the in-game leader of
Sweden Gothenburg Hawks - Sweden Jazz "kLIMAX" Behrem has to say about the new sponsorship from SwedishHost.se:

Considering having SwedishHost.se as a sponsor in gaming- as well as voice servers is just insane! This would never be figured out and by no chance would it be reached as well. This is so big - being sponsored by SwedishHost.se when it comes to a fresh new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server and a TeamSpeak 3 server where we can train and develop more as a team is just what we need. We sincerely would like to thank SwedishHost.se for this fantastic support, sponsorship as well as partnership! We here at Sweden Gothenburg Hawks will just do our best to keep SwedishHost.se satisfied!

The Sweden Gothenburg Hawks team is very happy and proud over to get all the support they can. SwedishHost.se have shown true potential in helping new teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to try to reach some fractions of their potential. For this Sweden Gothenburg Hawks is very thankful and will do their best to withhold the cooperation with SwedishHost.se at any cost.
Today we are happy to announce a addition to the Sweden Gothenburg Hawks family! As start of today Sweden Gothenburg Hawks is being sponsored by One.com when it comes to web hosting and domain. And it is official. Since the start of the Sweden Gothenburg Hawks - the team has been looking somewhere to turn their face out. There has been many negotiations forwards and backwards but at the end a great and proud partnership has rise from it as well. A standard contract has been made with one.com that is valid on a whole year of basis when it comes to web- and domain hosting.

So what is and/or who are One.com? One.com is an innovative supplier of web hosting services. One.com was established in 2002 in Denmark and is today one of the leading companies in Europe within the provision of domain names and sales of web hosting services. Since the foundation of One.com in 2002 by Jacob Jensen, one.com has experienced constant growth and has today more than 850.000 customers in 149 countries. Today, One.com has more than 150 employees, a healthy, strong financial position and is fully geared to meeting the potentials and challenges of the future.

This is what the in-game leader of Sweden Gothenburg Hawks - Sweden Jazz"kLIMAX" Behrem has to say about the new sponsorship and partnership from One.com:

We are very happy over to be sponsored by One.com when it comes to web- and domain hosting overall. One.com are world leading when it comes to host servers for website and carry out their services. With their help we can finally host a grand website such as www.Gothenburg-Hawks.com and show it to the public. We really, really would like to thank One.com for giving us the chance and opportunity overall. We here at
Sweden Gothenburg Hawks will do our best to sustain the power of unity in between.

We here at Sweden Gothenburg Hawks are of course very happy and proud to have gained such a good beneficial factor and a great partner to the team as One.com. We could not have been more satisfied to be powered by One.com in every aspect when it comes to the web- and domain hosting. A big thanks to One.com for giving us this chance and possibility.
Today we are very proud over to officially announce the start up of the Sweden Gothenburg Hawks Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. The brand new team will officially represent
Sweden Gothenburg Hawks in a professional, mannered and good way in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene and community. With their goals ready, dedication burning and will to win - the road to victory has never been so clear.

The players in the team have played somewhat earlier with one and each other and got the needed experience with each other. With other words - some players are old and some are new. This unique mix makes it a very good challenge for the players to spend time reaching their goals together. All the five playes are from Sweden and based in and around a region close to the Swedish city called Gothenburg. The team players are made up of four AK-47 and/or M4A1 Colt players and one Arctic Warfare Projectile (AWP - or sniper) player. The players have all the same goal - to fight their way to the top, become the best and stay that way. All the players are very serious, active, dedicated, got a very, very high in-game experience and game sensitivity. Overall the team has a great sense of a humor and want to come more then just far in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, scene and community!

The following players are now the proud core five of Sweden Gothenburg Hawks and are based in the line-up viewed below:
· Sweden Jazz "kLIMAX" Behrem - In-Game Leader
· Sweden Samuel "EsseT" Kinde
· Sweden Astor "CEYN" Carlsson
· Sweden Karar "FEAR" Karim
· Sweden Dennis "XaVierZ" Lund Josse

This is the core five line-up of the Sweden Gothenburg Hawks Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. We wish them the best possible luck in achieving their goals, which are to become the best and stay that way as well as train together and attend every possible online as well as offline event. This will not be a easy journey - there are thousands of good teams out there - but Sweden Gothenburg Hawks will try their best to maintain the power, focus, control and dedication.

So, what does Sweden Gothenburg Hawks plan now to do? Mainly the new team will initiate its training program - that has been specifically designed for the team and based its activity. This program is called the "online bootcamp" which simply means that the team trains every map when it comes to tactics, communication, experience, team play, tips and tricks for one whole week. This is being repeated on every map and when that is done the team will analyze what map they are most weeks on and carry it out with more energy. The "online bootcamp" has four tires and the current one is tire one where the team learns basic game play with each other before advancing to the other tires.

After this so called "online bootcamp" the team will attend leagues, tournaments and cups.
Sweden Gothenburg Hawks has great plans in moving to online events such as the Universal Gaming League (UNGL), Starladder, E-Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) and Electronic Sports League (ESL) as well as other cups and tournaments hosted by other great organisations.
Sweden Gothenburg Hawks will also add several real LAN bootcamp to the list as well as try to attend most of the offline events within the borders of Scandinavia. Then the future and destiny decide where to go from there.

But we would yet again wish the new Sweden Gothenburg Hawks the best luck in future calls and god speed all the core five players in the team.
Welcome to the brand new Sweden starLike website! We are proud over that we just have released this website to the public realm. As you can see the website is simple and easy coded when it comes to the .php coding but yet again not. It is powered by a content management system which allows us to create a community alike website platform where people can post comments and much more. We feel that a complicated website of a greater scale is not in a great need since we only have this website to post latest news, show our clan players, post our latest won, draw or lost matches, discussion forums, present you a stream, present our sponsors, and add about as well as contact information. The reason we choose to have a simple based content management system website is because of that we felt that we want to develop a platform in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Not a huge community platform.

We would like to thank our very own Sweden Jazz "kLIMAX" Behrem for his fantastic work with the coding modification. The system that the new website platform is using is a content management system called webSPELL and is a open source system that can be modified for different needs. We would also like to thank Sweden Alex "carrot" Sjöqvist for his majestic work with the graphical content - content such as the revamp of the official logo, news banners and head banners, footers, color change as well as some small sub-banners and much, much more when it comes to the design content. We also would like to thank all the Sweden starLike fans and supporters as well as sponsors and partners for showing huge support towards Sweden starLike in this delicate time. It is very much appreciated.

As for the rest we would like to recommend every user that visits this website to get him- or herself to register themselves here as soon as possible to get the very latest from us at Sweden starLike and starLike-Gaming.com. Thanks you everyone!

*Update: As you can see, the starLike-Gaming.com has some bugs/problems. The
Sweden starLike website staff are doing everything they can to repair and to fix the bugs/problems. You can report in the bugs/problems via the e-mail address called website@starLike-Gaming.com. We recommend you to use the latest versions of Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Egde to view the starLike-Gaming.com in best perspective. You can also use the latest version of Internet Explorer as well, but some bugs/problems might still be visible there. We thank you all for your feedback and support and patience


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